Teddy Bear Replica Black 1908 35cm Steiff EAN 403453

Teddy Bear Replica Black 1908 35cm Steiff EAN 403453

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Teddy Bear Replica Black 1908 35cm Steiff EAN 403453

Steiff 2022 collection

Steiff replica 1908 teddy bear black is designed for the 2022 collection.

In 1908 six coloured bears were commissioned for a presentation in London.
Four of those bears were never seen again: the pink, yellow, green and black bear, until now!

By virtue of a passionate knowledgeable Steiff collector, a never seen before black 1908 has been discovered.   The bears' name is "Bruno". He is singular, compelling, and tremendous skilfull work has resulted in this exceptional and significant replica.

The Steiff archivist and designers were absorbed by his details.  His red-stitched claws and fine sculpting gave affirmative evidence of his early date.  The Steiff archivist was also fascinated to see Bruno`s unusual very noteworthy additional single mouth stitch. One that mirrors the first black bear made in 1907 as a prototype and which Richard Steiff used to enhance the lifelike appearance of bears.

  • This bear is 35 cm. / 14" tall, limited to 1908 pieces and fully jointed.
  • He is made of the finest black Schulte mohair and filled with wood wool stuffing.
  • This bear has wooden eyes and a growler.
  • He is wearing an underscored "Button in Ear" out of steel and an original replicated ear tag.
  • Comes with a certificate, gift box and shipping sleeve

Limited to 1908 pieces worldwide
Steiff release of this product is expected by June 2022.  With delivery to Australia in the months that follow.

Although this is a collectors item, it is suitable for ages 14 years and up.